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Hoddesdon: deputies@tinytoesnursery.co.uk
01992 450437

Hertford: manager@tinytoeshertford.co.uk
01992 589020

At Tiny Toes we believe in providing nutritious, delicious, satisfying food
and are very proud of how our menus achieve this.

When planning the menus we follow the guidelines set by 'Delivering Better Nursery Food' to make sure all snacks and meals are nutritionally balanced. We do not use processed foods and our meat and fish are of a high quality.

For babies who are weaning we work with the parents to keep things as consistent as possible during an exciting but sometimes anxious time.
Whether you choose the 'whizzed' way or opt for BLW we will support you and your baby to ensure it is a happy and positive process.

Take a look at our latest 3 weekly rotating menu from May 2017.
The menus are under review to be rolled out from September 2017.

Tiny Toes Nursery Ltd

59, Ware Road
Hoddesdon, Herts.
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Telephone: 01992 450437
Email: deputies@tinytoesnursery.co.uk

Tiny Toes Nursery Ltd

41 Chambers Street
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Telephone: 01992 589020
Email: manager@tinytoeshertford.co.uk