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Hertford: manager@tinytoeshertford.co.uk
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Rooms & Ratios

Our facilities at Tiny Toes Nursery Ltd are small but perfectly formed and divided into 4 main areas:

TheOfSTED guidelines for staff to child ratio is as follows:

Under 2s 1 to 3
2-3 Years 1 to 4
3-4 Years 1 to 8
5-8 Years 1 to 8

We aim to keep a 1 to 3 ratio at all age ranges wherever possible, however our new baby suite offers care on a 1:2 ratio. Our staff are qualified Nursery Practitioners, with many years experience and we pride ourselves on being high quality trainers for future practitioners so we have Nursery Nursing students with us.

Due to our recent expansion we now proudly present our new baby suite.
This additional space enables us to offer babies ages 0-2 years an additional
10 spaces. Our overall capacity is now 35.

To view each of our rooms please click on the links below:

Pooh Corner Under 1s

Tyler's Dream Room

Piglets 1-2 Years

Little Explorers 2 Years

Noah's Ark 3-5 Years

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Tiny Toes Nursery Ltd

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Tiny Toes Nursery Ltd

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Telephone: 01992 589020
Email: manager@tinytoeshertford.co.uk